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Artists I've had the pleasure to work with:

(some directly, some via rental companies)

Paul Heaton and Jaqui Abbott

(PA Rigger - Arena dates Uk Tour November 17')

Gregory Porter (PA Rigger - UK Tour April 18')


Alexander O'Neil (FOH & Monitors)

The Divine Comedy (Monitors)

The Shires (System Tech/PA Rigger - 22 dates Uk tour 18')

Classic Ibiza (System Tech/PA Rigger - 7 dates Summer 18')

Jake Bugg (System Tech/PA Rigger - UK Tour Nov 18')

James (PA Rigger - UK Arena tour Dec 18')

And many more...


I have also worked on the following festivals:

Glastonbury (Sonic FOH/System Tech)

Download (FOH/System Tech Stage 4)

Sundown (FOH/System Tech Stage 2)

Godiva (FOH/System Tech Stage 2)

Nozstock (System Tech & Monitors Stage 1)

Detonate (FOH/System Tech Stage 3)

Slamdunk (Monitors Stage 2)

Inside Out (System Tech Stage 1)


Artists I've had the pleasure to work with in the studio:

Independent Country - Trailer Park Life LP

Pleasure House - Cyan

Interested to find out more Contact me!


Cafe Morso (The Cube, Birmingham - Full Audio and control installation

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